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Halo,Semua.Kali ini saya akn memberikan satu contoh Explanation Text.Biasanya ini ada di pelajaran bahasa inggris.Nah,mumpung saya punya satu,maka akan saya bagikan disini.Siapa tahu anda sedang membutuhkan.

How Bread Is Made

Some people eat bread everyday,but how it is made?

First of all,grains such as wheat or rye are grown on farms.The grains are harvested and stored in silos.Later,they are taken to a flour mill where the grains ground into flour.The flour is then sent to a large bakery,there it is mixed with water,salt,and yeast to make dough.Next,the dough is placed in metal pans.The pans are put into oven.The temperature is about 350 degree Fahnrehid(180 degree celcius).After it is baked for 45 minutes,the bread is taken out of the oven to cool.

Some loaves of bread are sliced in a machine,and then wrapped in plastic bags.An use by date is usually attached to the package.

Finally,the bread is sent to supermarkets or corner shops.

Nah,di atas itu adalah Explanation Text yang saya sebut tadi.Semoga bermanfaat.


Posted Oktober 5, 2012 by sigit2herdianto in Pengetahuan, Pribadi

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